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Export to China with a full package of documents and cost optimization

Export to China with a full package of documents and cost optimization

Export deliveries to China with company group “SpetsMIR”

Company group “SpetsMIR” is engaged not only in the import, but also in the export of products. We find manufacturers in Russia, establish business relations with them and discover potential buyers in China. Offering our supply services, we are based on the experience of long-term work in the Chinese market, which differs in its specifics from other countries. The main principle of our work is an individual approach to each customer. Thanks to this, we have formed a large base of regular customers. We are proud to develop close, friendly and mutually beneficial relations with clients.
The buyer's eye is
in the seller's hands
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It is not enough just to sell goods to a Chinese wholesaler. Export company should also help them in many aspects, for example, in advertising campaign, in translating labels into the Chinese language or in delivering goods to a checkpoint. In addition, there are many nuances that can become an obstacle in the Chinese market, and it is often difficult for foreign companies to successfully adapt to the constantly changing business conditions. Therefore, the main objectives in such work are successful sales to ultimate consumer. We have learned to overcome difficulties arising in trade and in delivery, so that work with our clients would develop in the most profitable way.

Логистика с Китаем от компании Спецмир
We will help you choose reliable suppliers and conclude a contract
We will agree with manufactures on delivery of samples
We help you transfer money to accounts in China
We work with VAT and provide a package of documents for accounting

Our managers will help with export

Dmitry Dmitry
Head of the Department
Vladimir Vladimir
Head of Purchasing Team
Viktoria Viktoria
Sales Team Member
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Xu Chen Xu Chen
Xu Chen
Head of Sales Department
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Calculate the export costs
of your product
Specify all the necessary parameters and we will calculate the delivery cost of the goods to city free of charge
Доставка грузов из Китая «под ключ» от 1 дня с полным пакетом документов

Popular question
about exporting to China

Can you conduct custom clearance yourself?

At the moment, we can clear certain types of goods only in China. We carry goods to a convenient customs post for customs clearance.

How is export carried out?

We export goods through the customs posts of Blagoveshchensk, Nakhodka and
We export goods due to our international contract or due to a client’s international contract.
Under our contract we assume all obligations for the goods delivery to the customs post of a foreign country. Under client’s contract we provide only goods declaration services.

Can you take goods from a transport company and bring them to the temporary storage warehouse of the customs post if we export under our contract?

Yes, we work under power of attorney. We will accept the cargo and immediately redirect it to a temporary storage warehouse.

How can I send the goods to a customs post that is not located on the border with Russia and is not a seaport?

There are different ways to export in such cases:
1) A customer importing goods can come to the customs post and redirect the cargo to any convenient customs post inside the country.
2) If export is carried out along the land border, goods can be sent to the destination by railway transport.
! But international freight trains have limited routes and do not call in all cities. If the desired city is not on the route, you will need to reload the goods within the country to another transport company that will deliver the goods to the point of destination.