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About Company

The group of companies «SpetsMIR» was founded in 2013 and specializes in the supply of machinery, equipment and spare parts for them to match the needs of customers.

2014 – In order to increase competitive advantages, the company formed its own logistics department on the territory of the Russia and China. This allowed to reduce the cost of goods and to control delivery at all stages.

2015 - The company launched its own production of spare parts of discontinued equipment that has no analogues in the world market.

2016 – After foreign currency exchange rates increased, the demand for Russian-made goods rose dramatically and the company opened ASIAN export department and at the same time entered online local marketplaces.

2017 – Increase in the inventory of spare parts to 2000 m2 on the territory of the Russia and China.

2018 – We obtained a dealership of the following trademarks DEKAI, XCMG, FUWA, SDLG, Cummins and others. Also we started building partnership with major leasing companies like Sberbank Leasing, Europlan, VTB Leasing, Siemens Finance and others.

2019 – We visited our partners’ factories, and finished the formation of our own quality control department.

Our company's clients are resource-producing enterprises, farmers, manufacturing plants and individuals.

Our team is a group of professionals who adore their job, and we are ready to provide professional assistance at all stages of cooperation.

Our company is aimed at building long-term partnership with our clients, and we are ready to offer an individual approach to each client for mutually beneficial cooperation.

We will help you to choose suppliers, make an order and bring goods from China, Korea, Japan, America and Italy. We will provide all the documents and certificates. There are more than 10,000 items of spare parts in our warehouse and we can bring everything from a bolt to high-tech equipment under order.

Watch a video
about our company ,
Watch a video  about our company

We offer

Export cooperation
Customs clearance
and logistics services
Customs clearance and logistics services
Delivery of any
special machinery from China
Delivery of any special machinery from China
Search and delivery
of industrial spare parts
Search and delivery of industrial spare parts

Today, “SpetsMIR” is primarily engaged in supply and maintenance of heavy special machinery. This product line is now one of the most diverse in the field of industrial equipment and machinery. We offer a wide range of spare parts in stock for new and regular customers, as well as production and delivery of the necessary mechanisms directly from Chinese manufacturing plants in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices.

The group of companies "SpetsMIR" is open to cooperation with new partners. Stable and long-term cooperation with manufacturers is a priority for us, so we rely on their reputation and the current range of products when choosing suppliers.

Terms of cooperation

Warranty and service

Working with leasing companies

Is it possible to purchase special machinery or industrial equipment without serious costs? Of course!  It is definitely possible to get it on lease in “SpetsMIR” .

Full package
of customs documents

Product delivery

Flexible discount system

We provide various discount systems for our customers. This allows you to significantly save money and maintain long-term relationships. Our team believes that friendly and mutually beneficial relationships with customers are more important than a one-time profit.

Flexible installment terms

We provide excellent installment conditions for our regular customers to help them purchase the desired product. The advantage of our installment plan is a convenient payment schedule based on customers’ financial situation and requests.

Areas of work



"SpetsMIR" export services are the optimal solution when you need to establish your supplies to China and other countries! Today, Russian goods are very popular in China: agricultural products, semi-finished products, raw materials for wood processing, chemical raw materials, food and consumer goods industry. If you are a Russian supplier, we will help you both at domestic and Chinese markets to conduct your business!
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In the group of companies "SpetsMIR" you can buy industrial equipment of excellent quality: concrete plants; crushing and screening complexes; construction and production equipment; equipment for scrap metal processing; machines for the production of high-pressure hoses; diesel and gas power plants.
The delivery is carried out directly from the manufacturing plants of China, the USA, Japan and Korea.

Special Machinery

High-quality special machinery is most often associated with such manufacturing countries as the USA, Japan, Korea, as well as China. In recent years, the production of Chinese special equipment has reached world quality standards and has significant cost advantages in relation to global brands. The special equipment purchased in China works properly, serves for many years and has earned a reputation for reliability and proven equipment for good reason.

The group of companies "SpetsMIR" is ready to offer you a wide range of high-quality special machinery and equipment from Chinese brands.

We work directly with manufacturers and have exclusive dealer and partnership relations. Our warehouses available both in China and Russia allow us to deliver orders in the shortest possible time and at the most favorable prices.
Our company cooperates with most leasing companies and can offer you flexible payment terms.


Our company provides import and export services with China, the USA, Japan and Korea. We find reliable manufacturers and suppliers for a specific request. After that we organize order fulfillment cycle. We practice a personal touch to each client! And we deliver products “door to door”. Our managers develop an optimum route and constantly monitor the cargo tracking.
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Industrial Spare Parts

Today the choice of spare parts is quite large. But it can be difficult to find the necessary part for special machinery. And their cost in Russia, as a rule, is very high. Group of companies "SpetsMIR" offers you original spare parts for special equipment from China, Japan, the USA. Unlike most companies we work without distribution intermediaries, directly with manufacturing plants, and due to this our products get the lowest product markup.